• On Adding Some New Titles and Lacking In Nothing

    On Adding Some New Titles and Lacking In Nothing

    Me getting ready to celebrate the Baccalaureate ceremony with the 2023 Duke Divinity School doctoral candidates at Duke Chapel! Continue reading

  • Chemotherapy Day 2 – Yay!

    Chemo Round 2 and so many happy things to report. I started out on the spin bike for ten minutes because my son Nick said exercise increases white blood cells, and low white blood cells means no chemo, so what the heck. I gave it a try. (For the record, I have no idea where… Continue reading

  • An Open Book Test

    When I heard the words “ovarian cancer” my first thought was the need for clarity: I took a deep breath and then wanted to understand it, know how to tackle it and move forward. That lasted about 5 minutes before the second and more ominous thoughts came and made camp in my brain. All the… Continue reading

  • Good Company

    Good Company

    My first chemo treatment was 10 days ago and I’m happy to say that I weathered it well. No major side effects, though a few days of fatigue for sure—started looking at the clock about 7:00 in the evenings wondering if it was ok to go to bed. Everyone kind of harps on you to… Continue reading

  • Snail Mail, Bracelets and Meal Deliveries, Oh My

    Kara here… popping in to share the treatment schedule and a few ways we can show up for Charla. Charla’s next chemo treatments are scheduled for May 9 and May 30, and then surgery in mid-June. More chemo will likely follow. Robert has ordered hundreds of “Pray for Charla” bracelets. Come and grab some for… Continue reading

  • Round One, and Done. Or “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

    First chemo treatment is in the books. One thing I didn’t know is that they give you a couple of Benadryl just on the off-chance you might have an allergic reaction; and apparently I don’t do well with Benadryl. For about 4 hours I alternated between bouts of falling asleep sitting straight up, to being… Continue reading

  • The Fullness of Life

    The Fullness of Life

    Whelp. I start chemo tomorrow. After three weeks of testing, biopsies, scans, uncomfortable procedures, appointments, and more IVs and blood draws than I’ve had my live-long days, I am eager to get chemotherapy started (said nobody ever). I have a tumor the size of grapefruit that we need to shrink (not only is it cancerous… Continue reading

  • April 12 – Straight for the Jugular

    Had the port put in a few days ago. This is the device they install (my highly technical medical term) in your chest to receive chemo treatments and draw blood. It means your arm isn’t used as a pincushion for every IV and blood test for the next six months. Having a port put in… Continue reading

  • A Letter to Snowmass Chapel: My Diagnosis

    Dear Friends, Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer which has spread to the lymph nodes. Many of you know I’ve been experiencing back pain for a few months and went in for an MRI to help pinpoint the problem. Needless to say, I was not expecting this to be the… Continue reading

  • A Letter from Snowmass Chapel Senior Pastor, Robert

    My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,   Charla is beloved by us all and has helped shape the Chapel to become what it is today.  She has been an invaluable part of our team and an astonishing gift to the Chapel for 13 years. One of my greatest gifts in ministry has been to work alongside her.… Continue reading

About Charla

In March of 2023 our dear Charla was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer which had spread to the lymph nodes. Charla is a beloved friend and pastor to so many. In an effort to keep all of those who care about her in the loop, and lighten the communication load that would inevitably fall on Charla and her family, we have established this blog. Please post your comments of positivity, prayer, encouragement, and inspiration on this site, or mail encouraging messages via snail mail.

Prior to this diagnoses Charla had tossed around the idea of starting a podcast. With a background in PR and TV, years of expertise teaching and writing on parenting and other topics, a Doctorate in Ministry from Duke University, and 13 years under her belt of co-pastoring and leading a church, Charla has a deep well of wisdom to draw from and “kick around” in conversation in a podcast setting. We can’t wait to “kick it” (slang for “hang out”) with Charla in the years ahead and hear her declare triumph over this diagnosis.

For now, we join Charla in solidarity, with love and constant prayer, as she kicks cancer out of her body.

Kick it with Charla. And lift her up in prayer.

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